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Archer Consulting focuses on the building of a proper risk management with great knowledge of the area of futures, options and derivatives and in the optimization of the use of hedging tools for market positions. The plan of action will be in tune with the facts as presented in the sectors analysis.

The growth of the Brazilian agro-exports, added to the maturing of the internal market in regards to commercial relations in the agro business, has changed the way of doing business of the companies of the sector. Besides, we count on the advancement of the global markets, the increase on the volume of contracts traded internationally, the speculative capital and the growth of commodities funds among other things. All these indicators give us opportunities for new business, investments and investors.

These businesses are large and move sizeable volumes of goods and investments, generating high profit expectations and at the same time creating risks in the same proportion. That is why the risk management has been a fundamental tool in the making of decision regarding investments and negotiations in the agro business.


  • The management of risk in the agro business.
  • Implementing a risk committee inside the company.
  • Implementing a culture of hedging in the company.
  • Implementing P/L reports.
  • Overview of the agricultural commodities markets and their risks to financial institutions.
  • Restructuring of the commercial approach using derivatives.
  • Optimization of the utilization of hedging instruments for protection of the open positions in the commodities markets.
  • Diagnostic reports, guaranteeing an intelligent an uncomplicated approach in the risk measuring.
  • Monitoring of all the open positions in the futures and options markets, including the over-the-counter market.
  • Assisting in the operations on the over-the-counter market referenced in the trading exchanges.
  • Detailed preparation of the limits structure and execution of retroactive tests with analysis of prior scenarios (taking into account the effect on the P/L from drastic changes in prices and volatility)
  • Cross-checking of medium and long term pricing
    Structuring of medium and long term operations
  • Data and Market Analysis
  • Prices forecast
  • Correlation with other markets
  • Statistical studies
  • Weekly reports on the sugar and coffee markets

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