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The knowledge about the agricultural commodities market, risk management, Brazilian agro-business and global economic scenario, all at a few steps from your company..

Archer Consulting is one of the main companies in Brazil in risk management for agricultural commodities, with a vast experience in disseminating this knowledge through courses developed exclusively for companies that are part of or operate in the agro-business.

The modules presented here serve only as reference. Archer Consulting develops tailor-made courses, according to the specific needs of the company and the commodity in question and geared towards the professionals of your team.

Introductory Module

A complete overview of basic concepts and terminologies of the agricultural commodities market, this course covers in a dynamic and informative way the traded contracts, the functioning of the commodities exchanges, hedging operations, the concept of basis and the options market. > More

Intermediate Module

The Intermediate course focus mainly on agricultural derivatives, with a particular attention to price formation, the approach of the trading companies, as well as a complete evaluation in the pricing of options via the Black & Scholes and Binomial modes. > More

Advanced Module

In the advanced course, we focus on the fundamentals of the agricultural derivatives, presenting a complete review of the models for pricing and the variables which impact directly the options premiums, with an extensive overview on Delta Hedging and simulations, covering the synthetic operations and how to combine two visions (directional and volatility) in the planning of a successful strategy. > More




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A Archer disponibilizou alguns trechos de seu curso aberto sobre Mercado de Futuros, Opções e Derivativos Agrícolas em vídeos rápidos e por temas selecionados na programação de 3 dias do curso intensivo. Aqui, será possível conferir desde conceitos básicos a temas mais específicos e complexos que permeiam a gestão de risco em commodities agrícolas. Os vídeos são curtos e trazem um pouco do formato, didática, fluidez e estilo do curso, realizado duas vezes ao ano pela Archer. Confira abaixo a lista de vídeos selecionados pelos temas mais procurados, como Commodities Agrícolas, Mercado a Termo x Mercado Futuro, Derivativos Agrícolas, Opções, Hedge, entre outros.

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