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History of Risk

Risk management. It's all a matter of math and probability. A good story about the solution found by the mathematician Pascal for a game that was halted and needed to have the prize fairly divided among the players is a simplified way to show how to handle Risks in the commodity market, futures market and options. In the video, then, it is possible to know this story better. And also know the courses offered by Archer Consulting in this and other videos on this page.

Options Pricing

In this video, it is easy to see how the pricing of the Options happens, that is, how to value these mechanisms. In our courses, it is possible to understand from the basics to more complex concepts for risk management and, above all, to understand, in practice, how to do operations and use the market tools to protect against oscillations of the market itself or for investments.


Volatility. How to deal with agricultural commodities in the futures market, with options and agricultural derivatives, with a view to market volatility. One tip: the higher the volatility, the higher the premium of an option. Get to know a little more in the intensive course of Archer.

Fixing Prices

Mechanism for Fixing Prices of Agricultural Commodities in the Future Market. In a simple and didactic way, in the course of Archer Consulting, it is possible to understand and carry out practical exercises to learn definitively how this mechanism works and how to apply to mitigate its risks.


From the basics to better understand the complex operation tools of the futures market, options and agricultural derivatives, and how to use them effectively in risk management. This is the idea and objective of the Intensive Course on Future Market, Options and Agricultural Derivatives that happens twice a year, in São Paulo, promoted by Archer Consulting. This training can also be applied within your company, with content directed to the professionals of your team. Get in touch to know more.

The Greeks - Theta

The Greek Theta is the rate of change of the price of the option in relation to the time. The Greek tools, so important for risk management, protection, investments, are mechanisms that measure the position of an option and when it is changed in relation to market variables.

The Greeks - Vega

The vega is the price sensitivity of the option in the change of implied volatility. Emphasizing that the Greeks measure how much the position of an option is changed in response to changes in each of the market variables (exercise price, market, volatility, time and interest rate.

The Greeks - Gamma

The Greeks measure how much the position of an option changes in response to market changes. Gamma, for example, measures the reason for the change in the Delta against the change in the market.

The Greeks - Delta

The Greek measures how much the position of an option is changed in response to changes in each of the market variables (exercise price, market, volatility, time and interest rate). The most commonly used of the Greeks is the Delta. To learn how to operate using the Delta, how to delta hedging to protect yourself, or mitigate your risks, learn more about this mechanism in Archer courses.

Basis in Agricultural Commodities

After all, what is Basis? How to calculate Basis in exports? How much does Basis' costs interfere with the final price of the product? What is the relation of freight, insurance, storage for training of Basis? What is Basis's relationship to commodity price formation? The answers to these and other questions to understand Basis in commodities are in Archer Consulting's Intensive Course on Futures, Options and Derivatives, promoted by Archer. Check out an excerpt from the course, where we present the concept of Basis.

Options - Buying and selling operation (CALL / PUT)

Your question has always been how to operate Options? Call or Put? When to buy and when to sell? What are the best ways to protect your business operations by using Options? All this, with depth and experience of those operating in the futures and derivatives market for years. You can check out Archer's courses (futures market, options and derivatives for agricultural commodities).

Hedge - Risk protection in agribusiness

Hedging is to perform an operation that assists in managing the risk inherent in the activity. Usually indicates a combination of positions that reduces a certain type of risk. Now that you know the concept, come to understand how this applies to the market of agricultural commodities. Watch excerpt from our intensive course on futures market, options and agricultural derivatives.

Synthetic Operations

Synthetic Operations: The Math of Options. What are the rules, how to use it in a practical way in the decisions to buy and sell options, such as positioning (call and put buy, put and call buy). All this in the Intensive Course of Future Market, Options and Agricultural Derivatives, conducted by Archer Consulting twice a year.

Models: Black & Scholes and Binomial

The famous Black & Scholes formula for operations with options, futures and agricultural derivatives and the main similarities and differences between the Binomial formula. How can these formulas help agricultural commodity operations and the risk management decisions of their operations?

Spread and Arbitrage

Spread: the simultaneous buying and selling of a future contract. Arbitration: the purchase of an asset on sale and the sale of an asset on a sale basis simultaneously. Simple? How to operate these mechanisms, then, to mitigate their risks? Come learn how to use these tools.

Forward Market X Future Market - Agricultural Commodities

Difference between contracts and futures market and futures market. From basics to more complex futures market concepts, options, and derivatives, Archer courses also present the advantages and disadvantages of each of them in their business operations.

Agricultural Derivatives in Commodities for Agribusiness

In the video below, understand how these (derivative) mechanisms can become a great tool for risk protection for agribusiness. In Archer's intensive course on Futures, Options and Derivatives, you can learn a little more about these instruments of protection, how to use them strategically within the company's business and financial operations.

Intensive course of futures, options and derivatives in agricultural commodities

In this clip, watch the testimonials of those who have participated, know the structure and format of presentation of the courses of Archer and become part of the list of professionals who have been here.